We’re here for the kids

Our Christmas parties and extravaganzas are BIG!

In fact, they’re the biggest events of their kind in New Zealand.
And one thing’s for sure… The kids LOVE them

With a special thanks to:

We’re dedicated to giving special Kiwi children aged 3 - 12, their families, and caregivers, a spectacular day to remember.

A chance to feel ‘normal’

Because many of the children who attend our events don’t always get the opportunity to be invited to parties, this is a chance for them to feel ‘normal’. A place where they won’t be judged, stared at, or avoided.

Where parents and caregivers can relax, connect with others, and feel like they’re not alone. So the more children we can invite, the better!

We’ve got big venues ready to go and now we need your support to fill them with happy, smiling faces.

Celebrity support

Over the years we’ve had presenters, radio hosts, Prime Ministers, sports stars, TV stars, and musicians supporting our events and sharing our message.

Business support

Amazing Kiwi businesses make our parties possible.
When you sponsor one of our events you’re also given the chance to volunteer on the day, so you can see exactly how your support impacts these kids' lives.

What Sir John Key Said...

“It just brings a lot of joy to so many people. You've got kids from all sorts of different backgrounds, with all sorts of different needs, and they get a chance to come out and just have a really fun day...

“The kids really look forward to today. They want to come back. They know they're gonna [sic] have a great time. And like any party they come away with lots of great memories.

“The parents want the kids to have fun, enjoy, and be happy. It’s what every parent wants… If the child has a lot of disabilities it’s very tough on the parents and families. It’s a 24/7 job. So it’s a really nice thing for them.”

-Sir John Key

Our Story

In 1998, Kiwi kids got to experience the very first Special Children’s Christmas Parties in New Zealand.

Now, every year in New Zealand, nearly 10,000 Kiwi children with special needs, challenging life or health circumstances are invited to a party like no other.

“These kids live with ill-health, disability, challenging home circumstances 24/7. They can’t switch it on and off when they want.

Regardless of their situation, kids are kids. They want to go out and have fun. To be kids.

Our parties makes a huge difference. It’s the small things that make a difference to these children.”

Mark Wikstrom, NZ Event Manager,
Special Children’s Christmas Parties.


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